Journal Club

Biodiversity Journal Club

In the Biodiversity Journal Club we discuss studies on biodiversity, from the latest papers on hot topics to classic foundational papers. Our goal is to exchange thoughts and ideas, and to get inspired by these new perspectives.

The Journal Club  is co-organized by the Biodiversity Center and the groups Dynamic Macroecology, Spatial Evolutionary Ecology, Ecosystems and Landscape Evolution, and Forest Entomology. The Journal Club  is open to all WSL members, and we welcome participants from different disciplinary backgrounds and career stages.

The Journal Club meets once a month (every first Thursday) at 15.30 in WSL Birmensdorf. For every session, a participant selects and presents a paper (usually a 10 to 20 minute presentation is sufficient) and comes up with a few possible discussion points. The discussion is moderated by one of the four PIs (Nick Zimmermann, Catherine Graham, Loïc Pellissier or Martin Gossner). 

If you are interested in joining the Biodiversity Journal Club, please contact us at events-biodiversity(at)