WSL Biodiversity Center

The WSL Biodiversity Center is a strategic and interdisciplinary initiative to promote, further develop and consolidate research and outreach in biodiversity science at the WSL.

WSL has extensive expertise in the area of biodiversity research and outreach, with 9 research units and over 30 groups, conducting both fundamental and applied research in natural and social sciences, and studying from local to global scales, from past to future timescales, and from genes to ecosystems.  

Founded in 2020, the Center’s main focus is to foster biodiversity research and outreach at WSL by: 

  • promoting networking within WSL, nationally and internationally;

  • identifying  and capitalizing on synergies between scientists within WSL and with other institutions; and 

  • increasing the visibility of WSL biodiversity research to scientists and practitioners.

The Center’s activities are organized along these three aims and include a biodiversity seminar series, innovation workshops, summer schools, an annual Biodiversity Symposium, and a journal club.

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WSL Biodiversity Center Events